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About Us

With 12 years of experience, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most talented companies in the development of ideas in innovation and technology in Mexico, being awarded as the most innovative company in Mexico in the “Premio Nacional de Tecnología e Innovación” and as one of the 10 best places to work in Mexico by Best Place to Work.

From the start, the group was created to be able to attend the problems that existed in big industries, always adding a high degree of innovation to develop their solutions. We believe in being supportive associates collaboratively developing your company.

Challenging the world through innovation

Our history


CloudSourceIT was founded.


We developed our innovation methodology.


Awarded as the most innovative company in Mexico in the “Premio Nacional de Tecnología e Innovación”.


Due to the exponential growth of the company Skye Group is founded as a corporation.


First surgery with augmented reality in Latin America.


Healthcare Industry Award by Microsoft.

The Innovators

Stella Jiménez

CEO & UX UI Expert

Melissa Flores

Innovation Director

Gustavo García


Ivette Sánchez


Cynthia Garza

Commercial Director

Abraham Tijerina

Systems, Models and Teams for Innovation, Technology Development and Digital Transformation

Alejandro Preciado

Technology and Innovation Managment

Alejandro Ruiz

Expert in Research and Technological Management

Antonio Velasco

Business Consultant

David Güemes 

Expert in Applying Leading-Edge Technology

Fernando Camarillo 

Expert in Aeronautical Industry

Graciano Aguilar 

Expert in Product Management and Industrial Processes

Guillermo Aguirre 

Creator of Systemic Engineering Applicable to Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Guillermo Granados 

Consultant Specialized in the Design of Organizational Structures and Innovation

Héctor Gastélum

Business Consultant

Javier López  

CEO and Founding Partner of Qurio

Jorge Lozano

Bussinessman, Shareholder and Director

Laura Cervantes  

Expert in Design, Management and Implementation of Business Training

Angel Simentel 

Expert in Development Planning

Pedro García del Valle 

Expert in Statics, Project Managment and Technology Managment

Karina Montemayor

 Business Consultant

Victor Melgarejo

 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expert

Felipe Salinas González

CEO Met Conecta